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they can capture time and space that should never be forgotten

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For all the internet hate on smoothie wheels, it would appear that they have been around quite a while. Can't believe everything on the net perhaps...

busted seat

Driver's side was completely busted, broken springs, no foam left, and a mexican blanket shoved in to fill the hole.  When you sat down, you completely sunk... so I pulled it out to have a look.

Started taking off the multiple layers of vinyl and heard this fall out... arrowhead? Well if that's actually what it is, then he upgraded his weapon choice later on since I found a few bullet casings too.

Here's the lower frame stripped down to nothing but the springs and frame

Here's where the problem lies...

Most of the springs/clips were still there, just broken... so I did what I could to bend and weld what I had

shop dog is not impressed

the man at the upholstery shop gave me some wave springs and clips to rebuild with

I took some good springs from the center and put them where the broken driver's side springs were and then started fixing some of the broken springs to fill the gap I had created in the center.  One more to do and then a few side springs and it'll be good to receive new foam and vinyl.

the 63 that was really a 62

I've been looking for an old pickup... found one for the right price that was running, but needed some work to be road ready.  The guy said it was a '63, but after checking out the VIN it seems that it's actually a '62.

235 straight six, 3 on the tree... runs and shifts good

the passenger rocker, however, is missing completely

driver side isn't bad

some funky "helper" springs on the shocks out back

project daily driver to be continued...