Monday, October 24, 2011

Starry starry night

So you're just riding along enjoying the cool fall air on the way to a bike night at the local BBQ joint, even though you know they will all stare at you like you're a pirate riding a water buffalo into a ghost town inhabited by retired parrot trainers and then rumnfnnnn... Your bike quits as you pull out on to the busiest highway in town. Pull the clutch in and coast over to the side of the road. Ok no lights so I blew a fuse, promptly change it out and it burns up instantly. Ok push the bike up over the curb and push it through the grass to the nearest parking lot and out of nowhere a friend hops out of his wife's car and starts to help me push. We narrowly avoid death and make it into the dimly lit parking lot. We ran and got some more fuses and I checked over the wires to make sure nothing was shorted to the frame. Installed fuse and had lights, but no fire... Looks like an ignition problem. Friend had to go, but called my wife and she shows up a few minutes later. No ramp... Well ok this thing can't weigh too much right? Did I mention my wife is all of 80 lbs AND 5 months pregnant! Ok so I try back wheel first but can't get a good enough grip from the side... Got the front wheel up in the bed and my wife tries to keep it straight while I lift the back. barely fits with front tire jammed in on corner and back tire almost hanging off the back of the tailgate. Well now that the bike is in the bed we need a way to keep it there. 1 ratchet strap, 5 bungee straps, and one green half chewed piece of nylon rope later and the bike is secured in the bed. As I rode in the bed staring at the stars in the beautiful sky, I felt a certain peacefulness come over me. Then I wished upon a shooting star that my bike would run again.

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